The “L” curve gives us wings

4 June 2021

Let’s start with a simple and above all UNIVERSAL observation: our faithful and dear customers, used to their eyelash extensions, want more, more and more!

Our job and main focus is our clients’ happiness and of course to please them. So we often listen to them, we apply a little bit bigger or a little bit thicker but we also try to respect the natural lashes (balance of length and thickness).

Yet there are easy ways to stay away from this limit with our mapping or even eye contouring tips.

For example, from the C curve you’ve moved on to D curve extensions, thanks to our FLASH MAT lashes. Allowing for a more open look, this addition to the already impressive curves, has already received a lot of love from technicians around the world! In fact, you can find some of our favorite results on each of our lash pages to show you the effects and in addition the full mapping of the lashes used.

Of course, following this launch, social networks went viral and you can imagine: our customers wanted even more…

So we are very proud to introduce the L Curl. This new category of lashes, called LEGEND, will redefine your vision of the possibilities to offer during your services.

Thanks to our research and development department and after months of research, you will find the same softness, ease of application and most importantly the same comfort that make the difference at Misencil®.Comparatif Courbure Misencil

So now it’s time for you to discover Misencil’s Legend lashes, a magical curl with a semi-gloss finish and Misencil’s world-renowned quality for the oh-so-natural feel of its lash extensions.

This curl is available in lash to lash (0.15 mm) but also in Russian volume (0.07) within mixed size trays.

More than a trend, it’s a full-fledged technique that will wow your clients and make them want to change their style.

As usual, we are here to advise you, help you progress, stand out and above all continue to sublimate.

Here are our 3 Tips & Tricks on how to use the L curl and wow your clients!

  • Analyze your client’s eyes: who will look best with this new curl?

L-shaped lashes will be perfect for naturally stiff, even very stiff lashes (the ones we vulgarly call the famous “ski slope”/technical translation: natural lashes that touch the patch).

Monolids or Asian eyes will be perfect, thus enlarging the look outward and/or upward.

Results on almond shaped eyes will give stunning results with an oversized lengthening for a Diva effect.

Misencil lashes

  • The technique

The grip on the extension will not be the same as with B/C or D curve extensions.

To help you, our best advice is to use the 45° tweezer. More commonly known for Russian Volume, it will make your job much easier for L-curve extensions in volume but also in lash to lash.

By its curved aspect and the very particular position of these lashes, this eyelash extension tweezer will allow you to avoid too much rotation of the wrist (here we avoid you to run into potential pains, think about it) and much more ease for the dipping in your glue.

Prise cil l colle misencil

To create Russian Volume fans the dance or sticky tape technique are my favorite techniques for this curl.

One of the peculiarities of L curl lashes is the base of the extension: particularly long, so beware of the glue dip trap… And too much glue.

The advantage is that its flat, more extended base will allow for greater adhesion to the natural lash.

As a reminder on lash to lash your neck dip on your lash is 1/3 of your extension. For curved extensions L this rule is to be respected as well.

  • The must-have mapping and direction

Indispensable to meet the expectations of our customers and be able to offer them custom-made. This is the secret of the craziest, most attractive and also the most “sharp” poses in the outer corner of the eye.

Note well on your patch your mapping and do not hesitate to work in layering or row of lashes for an even more successful pose.

It’s up to you to decide what structure you want to follow and how creatively your client is willing to follow.

Pay special attention to your direction because L lashes, as curved as they may be, their direction is unforgiving!

This will keep you in control of the desired effect (natural to dramatic)

First option, as with your classic or volume poses, position your extensions well parallel to each other or perpendicular to the upper eyelid to be as accurate as possible.

The second option a little more technical, change the direction in your mapping following the diagram below for a Diva or XXL cat eyes effect, or in grouping for a Baby Doll effect

Here are some examples of L-curve pose inspiration with their mapping to replicate her looks. Don’t forget to tag us in your photos with @misencil and #misencil so we can see your Stars® Looks.

Eyelashes curl L misencil 2

Carole, Training Director – Europe

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