The Essential Kit is beautiful, inside and out!

28 February 2017

I was up early with the sun and the birds this morning! I couldn’t help but contemplate the end of winter and the signs of warmer temps, let alone that spring is about to spring (touch wood). Hello, melting snow!

The end of winter means it’s time to trade in your bulky down-filled jacket for a lightweight felt coat, winter boots for booties, and lasagne for rhubarb sorbet (I’m exaggerating!). It’s time to get a makeover, change your hairstyle and take care of your skin now that you’ve finally ditched your scarf and woollens.

MISENCIL’s Essential Kit also got a spring makeover! Check out its new stylish look.

We liked its contents, and now we like it for all that and its totally glam look! A new edition that’s beautiful, inside and out!

It contains all the essentials you need to pamper your eyelashes and maximize the life of your eyelash extensions:

The black cosmetic case, crafted in fabulously elegant leatherette, features an exterior with MISENCIL-inspired details that match your pretty look.

Happy pre-spring!