1 November 2017

November is oyster month and the month of shortening days. It’s also the perfect month to pamper yourself… from head to eyes! It’s a month to finally slow down a bit! My recipe for making the most of the rainy days and beating the gloomy weather blues? Sleep a little longer, pamper myself and sit down with a book or a movie and a delicious latte. Do you know which old movie I dug up…?

To me, pampering is taking an extra minute of me-time every morning and every evening to forget about everything, even Mr. Cat. A minute may not seem like much, but it helps me to relax and to focus on myself. I use it to care for my eyelashes and eyebrows, which, like the leaves, start to fall out more in the autumn.

Morning Minute: I apply a smidgen of Protector to my lashes. Its new keratin and panthenol-enhanced formula is like a shield for my lashes, protecting them from the sun, pollution and humidity, while its fruit stem cell, peptide and provitamin B5 complex strengthens my natural lashes.

Evening Minute: I apply some Revitalizer, which also has a keratin and panthenol-enhanced formula, to brighten, soften, strengthen and lengthen my natural lashes and eyelash extensions, as well as give them a healthier look and make them last longer! I apply the Revitalizer immediately after using my SÉRUM+ daily. I never forget my SÉRUM+. It’s my little secret for: more lashes, more eyebrows and more… of me!