Summertime is fun time

1 June 2017

What will be your song of the summer this year? That’s an endless discussion around here and a topic that’s almost as controversial as choosing a new Misencil cup for all the smoothies, iced coffee and lemonade we drink.

It’s summer and the ambiance is always festive. Our favourite game right now: “When I go to the beach, I put … in my beach bag”, and everyone comes up with an unusual object. One thing is certain: Misencil’s limited-edition beach bag is large enough to hold everything you need (and don’t need)! It reminds me of Mary Poppins’ bag because you can fit so much into it: bikini, beach towel and… mascara! Plus, it has an oh-so cute and super summery look, with its rope handle and lined interior. Hit the beach in style with a mini bikini, huge beach bag, and a mojito in hand!

Speaking of mojitos, we at Misencil have finally settled on a lemonade cup: it’s a reusable plastic cup with a built-in straw that we had a great time tossing around.

Have a wonderful summer and remember to protect your lashes because the sun is both wonderful and harmful. Use our Revitalizer and Protector Duo for eyelashes and eyelash extensions. We absolutely love its formula that not only nourishes and hydrates eyelashes and eyebrows, but also protects them from the effects of the sun, wind and water.

Enjoy your summer!