1 January 2018

Can you believe 2018 is already here? I whipped myself up the greenest smoothie ever this morning that contains the healthiest and most energizing ingredients I could get my hands on. This is the year that I’ll finally keep all of my resolutions!

  1. Take the time to take care of myself. EVERY day.
  2. Carefully choose the food I eat and the products I use on my skin.
  3. Stay in shape by being more physically active.

My win-win-win routine this morning starts off with getting some Misencil make-up remover macaroons. They’re softer than soft and make me feel like cleansing my face every night. Take care of myself: check!

These macaroons are the world’s only macaroons made of Polymousse®; they’re perfectly compatible with my lash extensions and leave no residue. Pick one up, apply a drop of Misencil Eye and Face Make-up Remover, and gently sweep across your face. Rinse macaroons with water. These macaroons can be used up to four times. Be careful about what I put on my face:  check!

After I finished shopping for products with which to pamper myself, I grabbed my gym bag and Misencil earbuds (they’re new and absolutely the best!) and ran to my first yoga session of the year. Stay in shape: check!

Happy New Year Resolutions!