How to remove my eyelash extensions

14 April 2020

At Misencil®, we are committed to ensure that every day of your week is punctuated by a new knowledge, a new course or a new blog topic. Let’s unfortunately answer to one of the question you most have from your client right now … 

Help, I want to remove my remaining extensions!

(Playful and dramatic tone)

Yes, we are all in a distressing observation … this beautiful set that has been highlighting our eyes for months now, is slowly shedding  from our eyes, leaving behind a line of sparse and unsightly eyelashes.

Being a loyal customer to have your touch-ups done on a regular basis, you now feel a little clueless every time you meet your sad look in the mirror. You start revisiting your old selfies on your phone, now the only witnesses to a time when your eyes made you look awake at all times.

 Unconceivable to continue living in the limbo between the glam eyes and the natural line, an incredible impulse takes you to tear away the vestiges of a more fluffy time …

STOP! Do not commit the irreparable! There is still hope for your eyelashes!

<< How is it possible? >> you ask me. Well, here is a little guide on eyelash removal that will help you make the transition and even guarantee you an even more dense future. (sigh of relief and smirk)



This was true while wearing your extensions but still remains! Pulling on your extensions means that you are pulling on one of your natural eyelashes. By pulling it out you risk injuring the hair follicle and making the next  eyelash regrow weaker or not at all.


Not only will you help extensions with weaker attachment fall gently, but you will also stimulate blood flow to the eyelash line which helps oxygen supply for a healthy eyelash line.


Yes, it’s time to bring out the two-phase makeup remover, your thick eye cream and your waterproof  mascaras. Being the natural enemies of your extensions, they will be able to overcome in a few days your recalcitrant remaining extensions. No such home products? So open your pantry and use coconut oil or olive oil daily for a similar result.


This product is designed for professionals because, to be applied safely, it must be applied by a person other than you, who has the knowledge to protect the eyes adequately first and then apply the solvent only on the required places. Although tempting, you could affect your sight if the product accidentally falls in your eyes!


Serums for stimulating eyelash growth are now your best friends. Not only will they accelerate the growth cycle, therefore, it will cause the last adult eyelashes supporting an extension to shed to make room for new regrowth, but in addition you will revitalize your natural lashes. Misencil Serum +, by the way, is perfect for quick and lasting results. This stronger eyelash line will eventually be able to support a fuller extension set when you are ready to return to your beloved.


When all of your extensions have fallen off, you could continue using your extension compatible products like Misencil makeup remover as an evening cleanser. It contains the technology of pomodermy, stem cells of green apple, which promotes the growth of eyelashes and the vitality of the skin.

Remember: a beautiful set of eyelash extensions begins with a healthy lash line!

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