Responsible eyelash extensions

22 September 2020

Nurse by training, I practiced for 15 years in a hospital setting before changing voices. I always wanted to take care of others, especially women, but in a different way.
Being passionate about the beauty industry, I naturally trained as an eyelash extension technician.

Then everything accelerated for me, I was invited several years in a row to the World Championship “Les Victoires Du Regard” as a specialized judge for hygiene and safety protocols. For more than 10 years, I have also been a trainer and actively participated in the development of training courses. I had to reinvent myself lately and turn to online training in order to continue to educate despite the global pandemic.

My convictions in beauty set the rhythm of my life. It’s about respect for each of us, about taking care (guaranteeing safety, health and hygiene during our care) as well as the respect of our environment (ethical charter, use of natural products, vegan, not tested on animals…)

So I asked myself the following questions:

  • How to harmonize health, safety, hygiene in addition to respect the environment in my daily life as a lash artist?
  • And how can I integrate this ethic in my daily life with the love I have for my job?
    What if we had our share of responsibility for the health of our planet… and of our clients. I am intimately convinced that one cannot be achieved without the other, so I wanted to share with you some thoughts.

While cosmetic sales are reaching record levels worldwide, awareness in the beauty industry is inevitably necessary for the protection of the planet.
How can we work serenely in accordance with an ethic that respects our planet and its inhabitants? In short, I wanted to give meaning to my daily activity in the industry. To make myself beautiful and remain committed. Yes, it is possible!


Getting involved in this responsible path also means making choices. I often come back to this notion of balance in life, which is not easy to find, granted, choosing it by taking into consideration all the possible risks, advantages and disadvantages in our care practices. Here is an example of my experience, I hope you will find it useful.
It will help make the exercise more concrete:
I have been providing eyelash extensions for many years and I am continually training technicians, so I cherish my share of responsibility for the transmission of this profession and its consequences on the health and safety of our customers, but also the environment.

One of the steps of this application consists in applying patches all around the eye for safety and comfort, to make the eyelashes look more natural and healthy.
Eyes well occluded when approaching with extremely sharp pliers around this area.


Let’s decipher together the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 options, but before we do so, let’s review the context, which is far from being light at the moment.

We are still in a period of Covid epidemic and we still have a few months to go, so we have to be careful with our planet, our health and the one of our customers. Will you use reusable or disposable patches in times of epidemic as we have been experiencing for several months. Knowing that the eyes are a mucous membrane at risk of contamination.

In the selection criteria, we will therefore take into account:

  • The environment
  • The risk and factor of current Covid contamination
  • The safety and health of our clients

ADVANTAGE: less waste,
DISADVANTAGES: high risk of cross-contamination between clients (responsibility put forward, loss of our image…), often rigid in appearance, uncomfortable for the client, risk of flaws in the cleaning and disinfection of the patches.


ADVANTAGES: respects the safety of our customers (1 patch, 1 customer), adapted to the morphology of the eyes, flexible and easy to apply, can be treatable (anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles, moisturizers…) or neutral.
DISADVANTAGES:  With the use of reusable patches, there is a high risk of germ and coronavirus contamination. Even with disinfection and decontamination, my client’s safety can be jeopardized by cross-contamination (adding the fact that very often the patch tends to go up into the mucous membrane of the eye and generate tears, conducive to the exchange of germs).


If I use disposable patches, safety is present for each of my clients.
The compromise is then clear, the safety benefits will undoubtedly go to disposable patches.

But you understood that I am particularly concerned about our environment, therefore I will use Vegan type patches and with a recyclable packaging to rebalance in favor of our planet (like my favorites from Misencil, Flex patches or SENS patches). Remember that everything is a question of balance…


More and more governments are also moving in this direction! Since 2013, the sale of cosmetics tested on animals has been banned within Europe, this law did not apply to imported cosmetics. It was only in 2016 that the European Court of Justice affirmed its decision to completely ban the right of access to its soil for cosmetics that have been tested on animals. A step forward in the fight for the animal cause.

In summary NO MORE ANIMAL CRUELTY for cosmetic products that are exported to Europe or of European origin. This logo should therefore no longer be present on the packaging of your cosmetics, as this has been an obligation for several years now.

In the rest of the world, if the cosmetic products you use or advise your customers to use are exported to Europe, this regulation applies. You can have peace of mind in your line of care products.

The beauty industry evolves thanks to each one of us and to the choices we make on a daily basis!