15 February 2018

You are so right! It’s bitterly cold outside, and I sometimes think that winter will NEVER end! But let’s be positive girls, it’s the beginning of the end. During the next month, our days will actually gain an hour and a half of sunshine. Now, isn’t that something to make us smile? However, in the meantime, Misencil® has designed two eye care recipes to brighten our days.

RECIPE 1: A clean skin for the approaching spring


  • One double pouch of Polymousse® Makeup Remover Macaroons
  • One 120 ml bottle of Face & Eye Makeup Remover
  • One 75 ml Lash Shampoo
  • One lash cleaning brush

Method: Using our fingertips, we take a macaroon and apply a drop of makeup remover before caressing our face. We then complete the process by lightly brushing a little shampoo on our eyelashes to remove the most stubborn impurities.

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RECIPE N°2: Balm for frozen hearts (and lips)


  • Four Lip Patches
  • One Lip Balm
  • One Lip Lacquer of our choice

Method: We place a patch over our lips, and let it work 20-25 minutes. We then say goodbye to January’s chapped lips by applying a coat of balm, followed by a coat of lacquer.

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Misencil offers us these two great recipes in absolutely charming packages!

Enjoy the recipes!