What Type of Eyelash Extension Is Perfect for You?

5 August 2019

Do you wish to open your look or give volume or length to your natural eyelashes? Eyelash extensions are the solution. Did you know it’s possible to obtain many looks with eyelash extensions application? It’s true: different techniques meet your needs depending on your facial morphology.

Be careful! Your eyes are precious—it is important to put your trust in a certified professional, as eyelash extensions application requires precision and experience.

The advantage with a professional is that she has the expertise to correct your look and create an application that will blend with your face for an elegant and polished result.

A Natural and Elegant Look

Opt for the classic method. This one-on-one extension method perfectly suits women who want to add an elegant touch to their look.

The eyelash extensions application is safe and typically takes one to two hours. Before the application, your technician will assess with you your goals regarding length and thickness and will suggest an application that suits you.

The result? Your eyelashes will be perfect as soon as you wake up.

In order to keep your look natural and elegant, plan a touch-up every three weeks with your technician.

A Seductive and Sophisticated Look

For women who fully accept their feminity, the Russian volume method is what they need. Very trendy, it gives your eyelashes a volume and fluffy effect. Is it possible? Yes—this very sophisticated method consists in gluing on one natural eyelash a fan composed of three 0.07-mm-thick extensions. Safe for your natural eyelashes, this technique combines extensions of less than 12 mm long.

You will be delighted at the first application.

A More Intense Look!

Do you like to have an intense look and want to put forward your extravagant side? Choose the American application. Very similar to Russian volume, it offers longer extensions: more than 12 mm. Approved by California women, this new method makes its appearance in our beauty salons.

Perfect for an event. You’ll be thrilled to try it!


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