Plan the beauty products you’ll need while they plan their wedding!

1 May 2017

Wedding season is almost upon us. You’ve thought about a dress and a hairdo, but have you given any thought to your make-up?  Get that radiant look with peach-coloured blush and lipstick, and choose an eyeliner and a mascara for that doe-eyed effect so you’ll look stunning even after 1001 flashes and getting a little teary-eyed when they say, “I do”!

I’ll be attending three weddings in the upcoming weeks. Hello, thirty!  I’ve set aside a few hours this weekend to shop for dresses, check out Pinterest for the latest hairstyles, and practice playing musical chairs (just kidding)!

You too? Let me save you some time by sharing my skincare regimen and make-up with you.

  1. I prepare my skin in advance so that it’ll look absolutely radiant by the Big Day. That means deep cleansing with the Misencil Face and Eye Make-up Remover, applying the Express Anti-Wrinkle eye treatment patches, the new lip patches, and smoothing on a hydrating cream during the days leading up to the wedding. I want to nourish my skin for a look that says love and joy!
  2. I’m going with peach- or pink-coloured blush and lipstick for a healthy, happy glow, and may slip a bright red lipstick into my handbag just in case the evening heats up!
  3. Most important, though, I’ll get that doe-eyed look with a long stroke of Precision eyeliner along the upper lash line (ending in a fine point), and finish my look with Lux Mascara to separate and lengthen my lashes so that I’ll look refreshed in all those pics, even after the thirty-second!

The same advice applies if you’re the bride, but with the added special touch of eyelash extensions so that you won’t have to worry about a thing during your honeymoon.

Happy weddings!