Mini Misencil, with you, everywhere!

3 February 2017

This morning’s discussion focused on handbags before moving on to lashes. One of us loves XXL shoulder bags and the other, micro bags that fit into the palm of your hand. We do agree on one thing, though:  big or small, handbags invariably do not have enough room for everything!  Good thing Misencil is launching its new collection of super-cute mini products!

Now you can apply, remove and reapply makeup anywhere, anytime without having to lug around a handbag bursting with full-size, heavy products. Misencil’s mini products are designed for life on the go, giving you that incredible feeling of being prepared for any beauty issue. Nothing less.


The collection starts off with two faves:  Eye and face make-up remover and Lux dramatic-effect mascara, both available in itsy-bitsy sizes. The make-up remover, which contains apple stem cells, strengthens lashes and speeds up cell renewal and skin repair, while the mascara, with its cone-shaped nylon brush, opens up the eyes and is perfect for lower lashes.

Never be caught off-guard for a last-minute dinner, get-together or sleepover. We love these minis as much as Mickey loves Minnie (giggles).

Have a great day!

Got an urge to declutter your handbag?  Good luck!