MARKETING tools to put in place at home

26 March 2020

At Misencil®, we are committed to ensure that every day of your week is punctuated by new knowledge, a new course or a new blog post. This is my first Blog article for you!!!  I’m Elisabeth, Marketing and Public Relations Director at our Montreal office. To help you get prepared and ready for the after coronavirus episode, I simply thought about recapitulating MANDATORY tools to implement in your business … Enjoy!

Let’s take the time to put into perspective and evaluate marketing tools that can be of great use to you in your daily life.  The value and usefulness of these should not be underestimated.

At Misencil we offer a wide range of marketing items that will help you stand out and promote your services. Several tools have already been created to help you strengthen your professionalism but also to promote your association with a prestigious brand.

Stationery is a good way to promote your services and will help you build a good reputation.


Thank You Cards is a tool that will set you apart from your competitors. Also, they are useful to personalize your service and your relationship with your customers.

For example, use a Thank You Card to give your clients maintenance instructions for their eyelashes during this period of isolation.  The more aware they are of the care instructions, the more you will develop a relationship of trust.

Also, taking the time to write to your clients to thank them is a small gesture that will make all the difference.  In fact, you can take this opportunity to mention that you will welcome them warmly after this unfortunate episode and why not announce that you will introduce a Loyalty Program.



Customers love loyalty cards! It’s a way to retain your customers and give them a sense of belonging.  Reward your customers’ loyalty by offering, for example, a discount on the 5th refill or offer a care product as a gift to the 10th refill.

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Business Cards are definitely the most important tool. These will give you a professional image and help promote your business.  One trick: always write down your client’s next appointment on your business card, this way she will always have your contact information on hand as well as an easy way to refer you to her network.

Presently, you could include one or two Business Cards in the Thank You Card that you will send your customers.  Prepare for your return by making sure you have business cards on hand.



Using Gift Certificates is a technique that will allow you to recruit potential customers. Offer them as a gift to give on special occasions, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter, or for a birthday.

Also, you can encourage the immediate purchase of gift certificates by offering, for example, a discount on the next appointment.  This will help you get a cash inflow right now.

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