Eyelash Extension: Who Can Become a Technician?

30 January 2019

Who can become an eyelash extension technician?

Like the installation of false nails and the installation of nail prosthesis, the installation of eyelash extensions requires a recognized qualification associated with a complete training for a question of safety for the client, for the technician and to understand of course in detail all the details of this new profession. Eyelash extension can not be done by anyone. What qualifications are required? What is the training to follow?

The need for training

Basic principle: everyone can become a technician in eyelash extension, for little of course we have followed a training in the field. The technique of eyelash extension is not a benefit that can be improvised or can be performed without overnight support.

A 2-day training is the ideal program to: understand all the basics of the service, master the use of all the different types of eyelashes and types of glues and advise the indissociable products to maintain a star look for 4 to 6 weeks.

The formation is dissociated in 2 complementary parts: the theory and the practice. The theory allows you to discover in detail the eyelash of your client, what he needs and how we can take the utmost care. The practical part is the most feared because it is the moment to launch for the first time in this service on a real model. Of course, a trainer will not let go of the look and is at your disposal for the duration of the pose to accompany you in the slightest details.

Possess certain skills

Like any job, it is not enough to follow an eyelash extension training to become a technician, at Misencil, we believe that passion is the real key to success.

On the personality side, some skills are recommended by our team to embark on this service that changes the eyes of women:

  • A great sense of aesthetics: the goal of eyelash extension is simple: make it more beautiful, more attractive, more captivating. Perfectionism and a sense of detail will definitely help you to perform in this art.
  • A certain artistic skill: speaking of an art, the extension of eyelashes is part of a real embellishment of the face. A well-done extension is not just a pose that respects hygiene protocols. It is also an extension that respects the harmony of the face;
  • A good faculty of concentration: to put down extensions of eyelashes, it is very preferable to possess a beautiful skill of the hands, see this service like a real moment of relaxation for both the client and the technician!
  • A good sense of listening: a technician in eyelash extension is above all in the service of her clients. It must meet their expectations and their desires. From where a good sense of the listening is essential to succeed in this service and to fill your customers;
  • A lot of curiosity and a strong desire to learn: eyelash extension techniques are changing day by day. That’s why a good eyelash extension technician must be aware of the latest techniques and innovations to be more efficient and to meet the needs of all her clients.

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