2 October 2017

MISENCIL is revealing its true colours by launching an all-pink campaign for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation that clearly shows MISENCIL’s human and generous side.

All you need to do to take part in our breast cancer initiative is to purchase a pretty MISENCIL bracelet from your Misencil technician. We’ll take care of the rest by donating $3 from the sale of each bracelet to the Foundation.

MISENCIL knows that women combine beauty, finesse, and strength and that they deserve to feel good physically, emotionally and mentally. WE are putting our heart and lashes into supporting you during the good and not-so-good times of your life.

This super-cute bracelet features a silver-tone chain, a delicate pink ribbon, and a pretty charm. It’s a great gift for your friends, sister, mother, neighbour… or for you! Most importantly, it’s a precious gift for all women who are affected by cancer, in one way or another.