How to Put on Makeup Without Damaging Eyelash Extensions?

30 September 2019

If you have eyelash extensions and wish to add a glamour touch to your look, you might wonder: how to put on makeup while wearing eyelash extensions?

Whether it is for a special event or to hide missing eyelashes before a touch-up, you must know a few useful tips to use during your beauty routine.

My Skin: Foundation, Concealer, Bronzing Powder, Blush

First of all, you must know that eyelash extensions are not compatible with any products containing oil as the main ingredient. When applying your facial products, make sure you check if they contain oil, as this may affect your eyelash extensions’ lasting quality.

Avoid using the makeup brush on your eyelash extensions—go smoothly around your eyelids instead.

Beware of Mascaras!

What about mascara? Is it possible to wear mascara with eyelash extensions? Yes, it is possible, but…

Oily mascaras, oil-based mascaras, and water-resistant mascaras must be excluded. Why?

They affect the lasting quality of your eyelash extensions and are more difficult to remove.

It is recommended not to apply mascara on Russian volume eyelash extensions as this will most certainly damage the fans’ opening and the result will be altered.

Use mascara on classic eyelash extensions instead. Apply the product slightly on the tip of your eyelash extensions to give your look an intense effect.

Removing Makeup, a Must!

Indeed, before you snuggle into bed, you need to remove your makeup. Choose an eyelash extension-compatible makeup remover so that you won’t damage your eyelash extensions. Oil-free cleansing waters are preferable to maintain your eyelashes impeccably. Finish your care routine with an eyelash shampoo that will deeply remove, from root to tip, all of the impurities caused by makeup and make your eyelash extensions last longer.

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