Can We Use Mascara on Eyelash Extensions?

29 March 2019

More and more women are tempted by eyelash extensions. It is not surprising considering their unique result to the look. However, eyelash extensions are fragile. It is crucial to take care of them in order to keep them as long as possible and to protect natural lashes. If you have made it a habit to add more depth to your extensions with mascara, be aware that your extensions may detach prematurely if you use the wrong method. To give you some insight, we answer the question: Can we use mascara on eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions: To Exalt the Look

Recently, eyelash extensions has become a beauty experience and service in high demand. For those who ignore it, eyelash extensions consist of placing “synthetic” lashes onto the natural lashes. Just like hair extension, the length, type and thickness of glued lashes are tailored and customized to natural lashes. After the first application, 90% of women can’t live without them!

There are two main eyelash extensions application methods: 1 on 1 lash extension and Russian volume eyelash extension. One on one lash extensions consist of gluing one synthetic eyelash to a single natural eyelash. In contrast, with Russian volume, multiple extensions are applied on a single natural eyelash. This is what we call create eyelash extensions’ fan. In both cases, it is crucial to maintain eyelashes at home so the extensions will not fall off prematurely.

Mascara and Eyelash Extensions: Sworn Enemies?

Generally, mascara is not essential with eyelash extensions to get a depth effect. Nevertheless, many of those who wear eyelash extensions have made it a habit to deepen their look with this product for special events or before a touch-ups. In theory, mascara or eye pencil may be used with eyelash extensions.

However, note that some mascaras are inadvisable. Oils and greasy substances are the enemies. That is why waterproof mascaras, tube-type mascaras or mascaras that lengthen lashes must be avoided. These types of mascara wrap natural lashes and their extensions with a tough coating, making makeup removing harder and, as mentioned above, their ingredients will break the bond between the natural and the synthetic eyelash.

In the end, eyelash extensions will detach prematurely. Instead, use mascara specifically made for extensions in order to protect them. You can find them in beauty salons or at selective retailing locations. Mascara for eyelash extensions is mostly made from water or beeswax. Even so, do not abuse this product: as a rule, if you apply mascara close to the base of the lashes then makeup removing will be harder. As a result, more eyelash extensions may fall.

A Few Tips for Extensions Maintenance

Using the right mascara aside, other guidelines must be observed to protect your eyelash extensions:
Do not use cotton to remove makeup on eyelids. It can easily be inserted between extensions and eyelids. Instead, use your fingers or polyfoam-base Makeup Remover Macaroons specifically developed for extensions;
Never use greasy products. Do not use makeup remover oils, dual-phase makeup remover or moisturizer on your extensions;
Nourish and protect your eyelashes with a protector in the morning and a revitalizer in the night, such as a day cream and a night cream;
Avoid rubbing your eyes.

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