Botulash – The little extra that makes a BIG difference

27 July 2021

More and more we are drawing parallels between the hair industry and eyelash extensions.

The structure of the hair and the eyelash is relatively close. So is our requirement to maintain them and keep them strong and shiny. For many years, a long list of brands and protocols have been used to keep hair soft and shiny. Sulfate-free cleansers, conditioners, care products are part of the daily routine, solid or liquid conditioners, leave-in conditioners, etc… However, when the time comes to treat more serious damage, hairdressers call on more shocking treatments that are very trendy today, called hair botox.

Botulash is the professional version of this treatment for lashes.

How does it work?

Initially designed to finalize the lash lift treatment in order to give back to the eyelashes the strength that the softening of the fiber makes the hair lose. Its hydrolyzed keratin combined with silk amino acids fills in the weaknesses of the lash cortex, allowing it to regain its initial vitality and strength.

That said, this hair repair can be used for other purposes.
In fact, the Botulash can also be used as a treatment alone! For your clients whose eyelash quality is weakened, give them back their vitality in a 15-minute treatment with a small Botulash treatment.

The method is very simple : clean the lash line well with the shampoo, rinse and dry, apply the Balance 7 with a lint free applicator, let dry, then apply the Botulash on the lashes, massage lightly for 5 to 10 minutes. And you’ll see lashes plump up instantly!

The client had a bad lash or eyebrow lift or your client is tired right now and her lashes are feeling the pinch? Rehabilitate her lashes with 2 sessions per week at the institute in combination with the Serum+ at home to accelerate the regeneration of her lashes. You will see impressive results in 14 days. And why not give new strength to the lashes whose extensions have just been removed? A key moment when the remover opens the scales of the hair and therefore the latter is in a perfect situation to receive care that treats in depth. A great way to enhance your eyelash extension removal treatments to ensure that your client’s lash line remains healthy at all times.

With the arrival of the Summer season, many activities can put a strain on natural lashes: pool water, sun exposure, permanent or waterproof mascaras, etc. Drying out the skin and hair, special attention can be given to our lashes to maintain their strength and vitality. Why not offer your clients a little Botulash express treatment? It’s a great way to start the conversation about your range of lash services.

The extra tip

It’s also an opportunity to talk about daily care such as the Misencil Protector, which creates an armor enveloping the natural lash. It protects the lash from drying out due to UV rays and chlorine, and creates a shell thanks to its keratin composition which attaches to the lash with the help of the panthenol coating. In addition, in the evening, complete the treatment by applying the Misencil Revitalizer. This will restore the lash’s suppleness while strengthening it with keratin and panthenol.

From the daily treatment to the cure and the enhancement service, the Botulash is a true ally of the lashes and consequently of your company.

Become the reference in the deep treatment of eyelash repair and see your notoriety and your agenda fill up!

Sarah et Carole

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