30 March 2017

Until April is dead, lose not a thread. That’s what my grandmother always said. I’d add lose not a lash either (with a mischievous wink).

Warmer days are indeed ahead and restaurants are setting up their boardwalk-style sidewalk cafés. And poor me – I’ve scheduled two cocktail hours on the same day! Spring is so much fun!
The first thing on my to-do list: Ignore my grandmother’s advice (I love her dearly, though) and peel off the layers of woollens, exposing my face to the fresh spring breeze and warming sun so that my body can start making vitamin D again at long last!

The second thing: Do my spring cleaning. I scrub everything as if I were refreshing my mood. Did you know that make-up brushes need to be deep cleaned every week and freshened up after each use? I wet my brushes, work up a lather with a drop of MISENCIL Lash Shampoo, rub them on the silicone brush cleaner so they don’t lose their shape, and then rinse with water.
I use the same mild, effective shampoo on my eyelashes (that’s right, lashes need to be cleansed!).

Every night, I remove all traces of make-up with MISENCIL Face and Eye Make-up Remover and three times a week I take my cleansing routine to the next level by removing impurities with MISENCIL Lash Shampoo. It’s a simple routine that goes a long way in strengthening my natural lashes and that extends the life of my eyelash extensions. Because, as my grandmother always said (you saw this coming), until April is dead, lose not a lash… I mean a thread!
Happy cleaning!