1 February 2018

This week, a sweet smell of cinnamon hearts seems to permeate the office. Hello Valentine’s Day! We know it’s almost here since most shop windows are filled with stacked boxes of chocolates and roses by the dozen! To be honest, I’m usually not very interested in Cupid … however, this year, I felt like having a little fun by playing the game of seduction.

So here’s my game plan for February 14: bring out the femme fatale in me! Holding my Chic Duo mascara-eyeliner in one hand and a lip lacquer in the other, I will dare to create an overly intense look, metallized lips, and to generate absolute self-confidence.

  • Step 1: Using Chic Duo’s calligraphy tip, draw a thick line along my eyelash line and finish with a pronounced end point.
  • Step 2: With its mascara tip, brush my eyelashes from the roots to the ends, and render an intense ebony black, emphasizing the outer corner of my eye.
  • Step 3: Colour my lips with a vibrant metallic colour, following the outline carefully.

1-0 for the femme fatale in me.

Combining mascara and eyeliner, Chic Duo is the perfect collaborator to prepare for my Valentine’s Day evening. It adds intensity to my eye make-up while treating my eyelashes, thanks to its care formula containing keratin and panthenol, which doubles the nutrients, as well as density and length.

Lovers, singles, or to those unsure, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!