3 free tools for your social networks

19 March 2020

At Misencil®, we are committed to ensure that every day of your week is punctuated by new knowledge, a new course or a new blog post. Today it is my turn, Julien, co-director of our Europe office, to share my favorite tools in order to take care of your precious social networks. The perfect moment, right?

This time spent at home is an opportunity to focus your social networks.

As Delphine wrote yesterday in the blog post you will find at this link, social networks can be a very powerful tool in order to keep in touch with your customers, with your loved ones, with your entire community. This community is precious. We call it our family. Why? Because like a family, the more news we hear from our family members, the more we think about them. Of course we never forget it but few words here and there are always appreciated!

So, to keep in touch, to continue to keep this connection with your audience, here is my personal selection of tools to help you right away and every day, and they are FREE.

  1. LATER : to plan your Instagram posts

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "logo later instagram"To be used on your Smartphone directly thanks to their very easy-to-use application, LATER allows you visibility and super pleasant handling. Since your phone, its effectiveness is amazing because, like most of us, our photos are taken from our precious phones, so you just have to download them into the App.  My tip to follow your scheduled posts, tag as favorite or in a separate folder all your favorite photos. You will save a lot of time and avoid having to review your various albums.

So you’ll understand: spending time planning your posts can allow you to spend time doing something else. This period spent at home could therefore allow you to plan all your posts for several weeks.


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Free application yet not quite known. As the name suggests, it makes it easy and effective to share posts of your choice from other users on Instagram. Why would you share? First of all for copyright reasons: posting a picture of another user without their consent or copyright is wrong! And sharing a post, a picture, is flattering.  Indeed, to share a testimony or photo of one of your clients delighted with her application, the result is immediate word of mouth and even more credibility! For example, the pictures we have on Misencil® social networks allow you to find our products in different situations with descriptions. Don’t waste time trying to reproduce them or copy the texts, simply share them. Remember that first and foremost we work for you, to put you forward and to ensure the eyelash extensions industry is more known!

At Misencil®, the tool we use to plan our posts is Iconosquare. Very effective and allowing to juggle on several social networks at the same time, this tool is very effective in terms of analysis but … it is not free. Apart from this down side, I still recommend it very much!

3. Facebook page 

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Browsing between your facebook company page and your Instagram page? Did you know that a single application can allow you to juggle between the two? It is free, official and … Simple: Facebook Page. Not to be confused with the Facebook App you use for your personal profiles.

And yes, since Instagram is now managed by Facebook, many gateways now exist between the 2 including this application. For example, you will be able to process and reply to your private messages in one place.

It still doesn’t have all the possibilities of our wildest dreams but a lot of very good statistics on your Facebook page will allow you to locate the posts that have worked the most and also to plan your next Facebook posts.

If you don’t always have a computer on hand, want to take advantage of public transportation (not at the moment of course) or when you have your pictures on your phone, don’t hesitate, try it! Finally, it’s also the perfect way not to confuse your personal profile with your business page when you want to Like or comment a post for example (yes yes we see this every day!).

That’s it for me, but it was a real pleasure to share with you these tips which I sincerely hope will help you out. An idea, an opinion or just want to discuss, here is my email: julien.benguigui@misencil.com

Courage to all. We are united, we are Misencil®


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