2017 Eye Disease Foundation’s Annual Golf Tournament

21 April 2017

IngridGagneetJJBenguigui2017I won’t be talking about mascara, lash extensions or make-up remover this week (as difficult as that is, I must admit!). Instead, I’ll be talking about eye disease research, a cause we’ve set our eyes on helping!

A few weeks ago, Ingrid Gagné and Jean-Jacques Benguigui, Vice-President and President, respectively, of Misencil, were selected for a second year in a row to serve as honorary chairs of the Eye Disease Foundation’s 9th Annual Golf Tournament.

They have the backing of the entire team so that this year’s event will be even more spectacular than last year’s (which is not an easy task)! This year’s golf tournament, to be held at the prestigious Le Mirage Golf Club, will feature a day of golf, a cocktail, a dinner prepared by Executive Chef Mario Bastien, a host of stars, a draw, and an interactive auction.

It’s not surprising that Ingrid and Jean-Jacques are serving as honorary chairs because they have been involved in this cause for a long time, and because all Misencil training sessions and all Misencil products are designed with safety, hygiene, rigor and quality in mind.

Here, we know that Misencil has the safest technique on the market, analyzes and respects natural eyelashes, and offers hypoallergenic eyelash extensions, tools of gold (literally) for sensitive skin, rigorous training, and laboratory-tested products (now I’m talking about products again).

Enough of that. It’s truly rewarding to think that each of us is responsible for a small step forward in research on eye diseases. One small step for women, one giant leap for research!

Set your eyes on helping a cause. Take it from me, it’ll do you and others good.