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Notice about coronavirus

Dear all,
As per the Government directives, we decided to close all Misencil Academies in Canada until further notice. Even if this means we won’t be seeing each other, our main priority is everyone’s health & well-being during outbreak of the coronavirus. 

We are dealing with uncertainties, but please know that we are always there for you, positive but serious, in order to overcome altogether this situation.

You can count on us to help you out.
Our team is reaching out to let you know that we are here for you, to raise awareness (not panic), and provide solutions.

Here is what we are doing for you: 

 Information : as of tomorrow we will be sending you daily information either via a newsletter, video, blog post, interesting new information on our website and/or social media 

👋🏼 Customer Service  : we remain available by phone (450-492-9984 / 1-888-492-9984) and via email ( ) and social media to answer all questions or concerns you may have. 

📦 Availability of our services : our website and warehouse remain open and to provide you with enhanced service we are offering you free delivery with purchase of $20 or more as of today. This way we wish to compensate with the inconveniences this situation is causing.

📚 Training: for many months now, we are offering  online training. Moreover, you benefit from real-time updates, enabling you to continue learning and come back stronger than ever with new knowledge
In hopes to support your learning curve every step of the way, we decided to 
offer you all of our online trainings free with the purchase of the pertaining kit up until we resume to our usual business activities in our industry. 

We wish you to remain positive and lots of courage during this out of the ordinary times.  Let’s all be responsible towards each other and support one another. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. 

« Stronger together. » 💪🏻

Jean-Jacques, Ingrid, and all the Misencil® family